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Let's get right to our topic today-FEAR. I'm going to share 3 ways you can get over it so you can enjoy your career and business life. 

Have you ever been whitewater rafting?  If you have, you know the initial reaction sounds like:

"What have I gotten myself into-get me off this raft!" 

If you ha...




Taking ownership requires a special mindset.  Do you have it? Check in with Angela Nuttle in this 3 minute video blog to find out if you know your ABC's. 







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Today's post begins a 4-part mini-series to help you get what you want at work by examining a couple of ways to move you toward your ideal work destination.



Let's start simple: getting through today's tasks so you can move on to more important things, like VACATION.


You are taking a vacation thi...


I admire the old movies from the 1940's for one reason.  Brilliant scenes of 30-40 people dancing, singing, and unbelievable orchestras filled with polished talent fill the black and white screen.  People in the performing arts industry were in high demand at that time, and that type of entertainme...

We have all been in the Wishing Field a time or two, right?  You've probably visited there recently.  Listen in as Angie tells the Wishing Field Story and how it applies to you.



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