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Are you having "The Expectation Talk"?

Last week, I shared the 5 Sins that Non HR Managers commit when dealing with employees.  Today, let's talk about the one area that can significantly impact your level of job stress and your outcomes:

Expectation Setting.

Wait- if you aren't in a leadership posit...

The Plight of the Manager...Sigh

Managers have tough jobs. If you lead people, you know what I'm talking about. Your job becomes even more complicated when you work for a small to midsize company.

Larger companies tend to have a full service human resources team to ensure you are hiring the right peo...

Can you imagine your workplace without any e-mail communication?

It’s hard to picture, isn’t it? E-mail has become the preferred method of communication in the workplace. Through e-mail, messages can be written, edited, and sent at lightning speed. Additionally, e-mail software allows us to have an...

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