3 Ways to Kickstart Your Journey to CLARITY

February 3, 2015

We look for clarity.


We want to be clear on our goals, we seek clarity in direction.  We try to be clear in how we communicate, we look for clarity on what we should be doing next.  We seek clarity on a number of levels.  


Ask yourself these questions:


"I want to be clear about_________________________."


"I want more clarity around______________________."


"I want to clearly communicate__________________."


What can you do to GET CLEAR?


1.  Remove Clutter


Several years ago, I set out on a journey to become "crystal clear."  I wanted to simplify my life, remove the clutter- both in my house and in my mind.  Being a visual and kinesthetic kind of gal with an overachiever mentality, I began cleaning up my physical surroundings like  my purse, which was a pit of clutter and distraction.  I looked for things that bothered me, like junk drawers and closets. That one goal set me free in ways that I never dreamed of.


2.  Invest in Your Own Development


I heard a great quote from a speaking professional recently:  "If you don't invest in yourself, you can't really expect a return."  That struck me between the eyes!  How much time had I spent learning or gaining other perspectives?  Answer: NOT MUCH.   I gained instant clarity on things I needed to be doing and saying differently just by being in a room full of other people in a learning environment.  


3.  Simplify Your "Message"


Describe what you do (or what you want to do) in 30 seconds or less.  Get feedback from people OTHER THAN YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS on what they hear in your description.  A colleague of mine helped me brainstorm this last night as I was trying to describe my expertise in organizational development.  I went from a 250 word expose' to a 12 word clear description.  This meant taking out all the corporate jargon and buzz words.  Painful, but worth the exercise which will now help me to simplify my marketing campaign.


Clarity gives you focus and direction.  Kickstart your journey to clarity with these three steps.  What do YOU need to do to get clear?




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