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Without a vision, the people AND companies perish.  


Our team will conduct a call with you to customize the session layout based your situation, then 

facilitate or co-facilitate the perfect business strategy session to nail down your priorities and objectives.We then help you to craft a vision on canvas for your organization with the help of a professional artist and coach.

Leadership teams need a competitive advantage.


When the Leadership Team comes together to discuss business imperatives, research says that art helps the team access parts of the brain that they normally don't use. Tap into the team's creative brain and call forth innovation as we help you creatively design and co-facilitate your session, capture your key commitments through art.

Bring teams together in a way they won't forget.


You may be a new team getting to know each other, or an established team that needs to build effective communication and trusting relationships. Our signature ARTITUDES session helps the team grow together, deal with conflict, and establish a solid strategy. We are also able to combine the session with MBTI, StrengthsFinder, or DiSC coaching.

Business has much to learn from the arts… Studying the arts can help business people communicate more eloquently…Studying the arts can also help companies learn how to manage bright people…Studying the art world might even hold out the biggest prize of all—helping business become more innovative. Companies are scouring the world for new ideas. In their quest for creativity, they surely have something to learn from the creative industries.


Schumpeter Blog on arts based learning in “The Art of Management”The Economist February 2011

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