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Featured Course:
Coaching For Performance
Type of Offering: Live online course- 90 minutes

Category:  Leadership, Communication

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who leads and manages people

  • Business owners with employees


Are you a leader who wants to master the art of performance coaching?  In this skill-based course, you’ll learn what your natural style of coaching is, it’s impact on your employees, and how to bring forth your best leadership skills to have successful coaching conversations.  You’ll learn 2 key tools and methods for coaching employees while helping them to take ownership of their results.

Topics Covered

  • The 4 laws of coaching

  • The 4 Types of coaching

  • Coaching Style Assessment and Impact of Your style

  • Coaching  tools and templates

  • Getting clear on expectations

  • Assessment, Quizzes, and Surveys


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