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Cost - $97
Featured Course:
Turn Your Pain into Purpose: The Formula to Freedom
Type of Offering: On Demand Course online

Category:  Courses for Women, career development,  Personal and Professional Growth

Who is this course for?

  • Women who want clarity and direction in their lives

  • Women who are looking for next steps in their career

  • Anyone who may feel stuck


This powerful introductory course helps you explore your purpose, mission, calling, destiny and gifts.  Assess your current state in your life and career, and walk away with next steps to operate with a sense of fulfillment.

Topics Covered:

  • Assess the 5 reasons you are searching 

  • Discover the clues to your Purpose

  • Your Calling and "Super Powers"

  • What's your Mission? Milestones and Timelines

  • Projecting your Destiny

  • Gifts Inventory

  • How to bring it all together


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