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Compose Your Soul:
How to Turn Your Daily Chaos into Calm Control




Listen to Recent Radio Interview - Angela Nuttle
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Angela Nuttle teaches people how to show up with visibility, influence, and presence through creative coaching. Her talent remodeling approach has helped women from all walks of life and business people experience deep personal and professional transformation. 

As a Corporate Mom, Entrepreneurial CEO, Coach, Wife, Dog Walker, and 25 other job titles, "Angie" knows firsthand the trap of being an "overly productive person". She guides people to wake up their courage, shut down inner critics and self-defeating toxicity, and connect their voice to their calling in life.


  • Women In Business

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Bullies/Difficult People

  • Leadership

  • Executive Presence

  • Confidence & Courage/Overcoming

  • Purpose, Calling, & Mission

  • Business Success

  • Conscious Capitalism

"Angie is thought-provoking..."


           "I was immediately hooked..."

                      "She captivates her audience..."

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"Angie, I have to heap praise on you. Your presence and content were simply off the chart this past weekend at Simplicity's Celebration. You had a profound impact on everyone in attendance. If anyone is considering Angie as coach or speaker, I highly recommend her."


Dr. Chad Hawke, Simplicity Summit 

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Compose Your Soul:  How to Turn Your Daily Chaos Into Calm Control

From Invisible To Incredible:

The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence

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Angela Nuttle is a dynamic, authentic speaker, and courageous thought leader who brings instant life to the stage at corporate events, conferences, and workshop seminars. With 20 years of progressive speaking, she's an expert at meeting the audience where they are at.  She can be lighthearted and funny, then move into deeply meaningful stories that command the room and mesmerize her audience.  She has a gift for connecting with the audience in a way that they feel seen, heard, and valued.  

On a personal level, Angela's story is one of unfathomable perseverance and inspiration.  When you meet her, you see a successful businesswoman who has produced creative and surprising results everywhere she goes. You would never suspect that this seasoned expert in talent and organizational development survived a failed fostercare experience, or rose above impossible odds by putting herself through college with two young children while working full time and later escaping an abusive relationship.  Angela  is inarguably  a "tough as nails" warrior who overcame major personal hurdles in order to bring freedom and encouragement to those around her through inspirational leadership.

A woman of courage,  Angela is known as a cliff jumper.  She spent 3 years in Iraq as an HR defense contractor supporting the US military and contractors from all over the world. She was one of 16 females on base facing harsh conditions and difficult challenges as a woman in a warzone.  She is frequently asked to speak about her experiences there, and her story is one of authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, and resilience, and she shares this in her keynote speaking engagements.

After a highly successful career as a leader in Corporate America with companies like Roche, Northrop Grumman, and KBR, Angela's livelihood is now in the area of consulting, coaching, and development program experiences for business people.  She's called The Corporate Talent Expert® who teaches business people how to show up with executive presence.  She also works directly with CEOs, business leaders, and HR Teams to discover and develop their organizational talent through her unique process of talent remodeling®  She is the CEO of a private talent consulting firm, The Corporate Talent Institute.


Angela is the founder of The School of Executive Presence™, which includes life altering  experiences for aspiring leaders, high performers, and talented people who are serious about discovering and showcasing their value so they can move into their calling and potential. The school offers public events, workshops, a cohort program, private coaching, and an online on-demand platform.dd

In 2019, Angela started Indiana's first all women's co-working and meeting space called the VIP Center for Business Women.  She and her husband renovated a 1903 Mini-Mansion which is now a hub for corporate and entrepreneurial women to grow personally and professionally.  


As an author, Angela is focused on helping business people go from INVISIBLE TO INCREDIBLE through executive presence.   In her book, From Invisible to Incredible:  The Secret to Brilliant Executive Presence, She reveals profound stories, practical guidance, and tools that are highly sought after in the business world. Her latest book is called Compose Your Soul:  How to Turn Daily Chaos into Calm Control.  Learn more about this dynamic and practice Composure Makeover Guide for "Overly Productive People" who want to overcome inner critics, deal with difficult people, and live a meaningful life that aligns with a person's "natural algorithm".


Angela is available to speak at conferences, corporate events,

universities, celebrations, and public events.  She also conducts

highly creative workshops for organizations.


Angela Nuttle Keynote Speaker
Angela Nuttle Executive Presence Speaker
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The Corporate Talent Expert® and The School of Executive Presence™ are entities of Corporate Talent Institute,, a talent and organizational development consulting firm servicing clients globally.


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