The Future of Organizations: What Millennials Can Teach Us About Connectivity

This is part 2 of a 3 part series around The Future of Organizations.

I have fifteen millennials in my family. Multiple that by the number of young family friends I've met at gatherings, leading to a fantastic research pool! A recent trip to my stepdaughter's college graduation gave me a chance to understand how millennials interact with society, their desire for unconditional acceptance, connectivity, and free expression.

The post-graduation activities led us to a hip restaurant where Shelby worked, and the "What are you going to do now?" conversation began. With a human resources degree now in hand and a good head on her shoulders, she was ready to move forward into her career field. Unfortunately, her experience with the ongoing job search was not as fruitful as she had hoped.

Shelby had already turned down a couple of offers. One company told her there were no breaks