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Small Business Owner? 5 Reasons You You Need HR Help

Is this your story?

You wear many hats. Your clients need your attention, your accountant needs your receipts, and your employees need EVERYTHING. You have visions of a growing and thriving business where you aren't worrying about bills or unknowingly breaking the law . Will you ever get out of this rut and realize your dreams?

Small business owners spend almost half of their time handling human resource challenges. According to a recent survey conducted by Tri-Net, 33% of CEOs are concerned about HR documentation and workplace compliance as their greatest worry, followed by litigation and hiring practices, at 25 and 18 percent, respectively.

Small company CEOs are finding a consistent need for specialist expert advice and solutions.

A worthwhile option is working with an HR management company that provides onsite support services. This is a smart first step for businesses that have never had formal support. Services are typically based upon a fixed number of onsite/offsite hours per month, and the HR generalist flexes activities based upon the needs of the business.

Here are five important reasons to go with this strategy:

1. Onsite HR generalists can quickly assess what will alleviate the pressure-NOW.

Generalists are built to handle whatever comes their way- dealing with an unruly employee, finding new hires, handling delicate legal issues. They also know how to set up the basic HR structure THE RIGHT WAY so business owners aren't spending countless hours researching "how to" websites and books.

2. Owners activate an instant time saver and buffer between themselves and employees.

Many owners find themselves wrapped up with employee issues-conflict, performance, personal matters, hiring and firing. HR Generalists partner with owners to understand needs and the "level of participation" up front, then act as liasions to save up to 46% of the owner's time. This allows owners to focus on growing the business and interacting with customers.

3. HR legal issues and compliance matters can be handled with expertise.

Not only do businesses need expertise in employment law, but all those other legal entities that have owners losing sleep at night. OSHA, HIPAA, and Workers Compensation are a few entities that can show up onsite and audit you- with hefty fines for being out of compliance.

4. Business owners have Instant access to standardized forms, processes, and policies that can be implemented as needed.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fully functional employee handbook? What about a performance review process with supporting forms and documentation? HR generalists have a wealth of tools at their fingertips, designed from experience.

5. HR Generalists are also business partners who create employee engagement strategies that impact business profit.

HR has become much more strategic in the last several years. A great HR partner brings an organizational development perspective to the table, and is able to creatively engage employees for the benefit of the company. Inititatives like rewards and recognition, personal development, leadership coaching, and teambuilding can DRAMATICALLY increase business success- just check with Gallup! Their research on engagement shows a reduction in turnover by 35%, quality increase of up to 60%, and a bottom line profit increase of 16%.

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Corporate OD Strategies is an organizational development and coaching firm preparing people for the workplace of tomorrow. Our HR Management services division focuses on onsite/offsite HR

support for small businesses, as well as advisory services on retainer. Contact us for a complimentary consultation at

Visit our website for more information

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