Brain Coffee: Go Back To Bed!

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The quest to do more with less in business has researchers looking at ways to accelerate creativity. Why is this important?

A recent IBM study of 1500 global CEO's showed that creativity is the #1 most critical competency needed for the future of business sustainability. The urgency to develop new products that go where no product has gone before is a big driver in both domestic and global markets. In order to innovate, a creative process has to occur to act as a starting point and catalyst. Innovation starts with creativity- something many of us have "unlearned".

This new piece of research led by Australia National University professor Dr. Darren Lipnicki shows that lying down on your back can actually lead to more creative thinking. He sites that standing releases an creative mind inhibiting chemical, noradrenaline.

Be careful to avoid confusing this news with research that says standing, movement, and running increases learning. Think about the logic here: lying down tends to put your mind at a more restful state while allowing the right quadrants of your brain to open up. Standing and moving opens up the left quadrants of your brain for logical and analytical processes.

I see organizations struggling to embrace creativity and the cultivation of it. This mindset will ultimately cause those organizations to become obselete and irrelevant in the next 10 years. Those organizations who are progressive, courageous, and focused on future sustainability will start lying down on their backs to get creativity going.

Doodle on.


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Angela Nuttle is the CEO & Founder of Corporate OD Strategies, an Organizational Development and Talent Consulting Firm preparing people now for the workplace of tomorrow.

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