Tired of Working Like A Dog?

Learn about our easy HR outsourcing options.

I hear it over and over. "I'm just so busy, I am spending crazy amounts of time managing HR and people. I can't even get focused on my business!" These are the classic words of a small to mid-sized company CEO struggling to juggle all the balls in the business world. We can liken this to a dog chasing his tail and never accomplishing the goal.

As I spoke to an exasperated CEO this week, he could barely put a sentence together as we began talking about his human resources needs. I pulled up my mental note that we had to reschedule our meetings a few times because of his laborious schedule, a sign of one who is overwhelmed.

I felt compassion for him, even though he could not see the immediate urgency of getting his HR work outsourced. He was running from meeting to meeting, dealing with employee relations issues, figuring out training, and trying come up with a cultural shift strategy. Oh, and he was also trying to work business strategy with his advisory board. we had to reschedule our meetings a few times because of his laborious schedule.

Most small business leaders believe they can handle it all. I've learned that when they let go and let the HR experts step in to handle the people and performance challenges, their businesses start to grow. Why? Because they get their time and focus back.

This may be you, or you may know someone who fits this modus operandi. If so, we may be able to help. The Corporate Talent Institute is a Talent &Organizational Development Consulting firm. Our HR Management division is designed to help businesses transition into outsourcing in small increments.

To learn more about how to transition from your small business model to a more effective and efficient solution, click the link below to obtain our brochure with services and pricing options.

Been working like a dog? Find out how you can get HR support http://www.corpodstrategies.com/#!corp-od-hr-management-services-brochure/c1rgu

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