Executive Presence: "You Don't Fit"

You go to work everyday. Same desk, cubicle, or environment. You think of ways to get meaningful results, be a part of something bigger than yourself, and shift the world of those around you. You may even catch yourself daydreaming about it. You envision people all around you, grateful for your contributions and thank you for bringing fantastic solutions to the table. You have this huge sense of accomplishment. This one will go down in the historical book of organizational successes.

Then your boss comes in and drops a file pile on your desk.

"We need this by tomorrow." He turns around and walks out in a hurry. He doesn't even want to look at you because he knows he has totally abused your talents to pull the department through the latest crisis.

After you've managed to jump through all the hoops, and stave off near disasters, you fully expect to a) get selected for the open manager position; and b) be celebrated for your spectacular hoop jumping. A week later, neither one of those dreams occur. What happened?

You go to the boss for the "confrontational" discussion.

"Why didn't I get the role?" You ask in calm exasperation.

"Brandon is a better fit for the role."

The message to you is, "You don't fit." So what happens when you get this message, this vibe that throws you off course? Watch Angie's video, "The Grandma Dixie Story" to hear more about the "I Don't Fit" experience and what to do about it.


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Angela Nuttle is an author, speaker, talent remodeler™, and consultant. As founder of The School of Executive Presence, she teaches business people how to show up with executive presence. She also works directly with CEOS, Business Leaders, and HR Teams to d