Executive Presence: Your Reality TV Show-3 V's

You are a walking reality TV show. Every time you show up, you give people some sort of story. Take a moment to watch this video and see how your 3 V's impact your executive presence.

Angela Nuttle is an author, speaker, talent remodeler™, and consultant. As founder of The School of Executive Presence, she teaches business people how to show up with executive presence. She also works directly with CEOS, Business Leaders, and HR Teams to develop people, potential, and processes that create productive and profitable business environments. To learn more about her experience with Fortune 500 companies and rock star solutions, visit www.corporatetalentexpert.com or www.schoolofexecutivepresence.com. Her book, From Invisible To Incredible: The Secret To Brilliant Executive Presence, can be found on Amazon, Kindle, and at frominvisibletoincredible.com.

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