Mini-Series: How to Get What You Want at Work through BREAKS

Today's post begins a 4-part mini-series to help you get what you want at work by examining a couple of ways to move you toward your ideal work destination.

Let's start simple: getting through today's tasks so you can move on to more important things, like VACATION.

You are taking a vacation this summer, right? (I think I heard you laugh just now). If you aren't set up for a break, work will break YOU. You have 20 reasons why you are chaining yourself to your desk (or other equipment), and NONE of them are more important than giving your mind and body a chance to refresh itself.

It's Brain Science

Brain research shows this: Continuous daily work without downtime actually DECREASES your effectiveness and productivity.

Purposeful breaks reduce your stress up to 68%, and drastically reduces your risk for heart attacks (learn more in this Harvard Business Review article) -You age FASTER, and are likely to DIE younger.

The 52:17 Formula

It seems that 52 minute work intervals with 17 minute breaks are the magic break numbers. Check out this article from Fast Company that outlines the study.

Reflection and For-flection

A second way to get to your ideal result is to start your day in reflection and "for-flection" (thinking about what you will do differently today). This is NOT brain science, it's more like common sense.

Start with 15 minutes. Go to a quiet place and jot down your thoughts about the previous day. Then make a list of what you want to do differently today. Build up to 30 minutes. Take a moment to read a devotion, pray, or find a quote that you want to hang onto for the day. Write it down and carry it with you.Journals really work- get one! We like to see progress and journals help us track that. It also jogs our memory and keeps us focused.

From Burn-out to Bright Bulb