Mini-Series: Part 2 How to Get What You Want at Work through ELIMINATING FEAR

Let's get right to our topic today-FEAR. I'm going to share 3 ways you can get over it so you can enjoy your career and business life.

Have you ever been whitewater rafting? If you have, you know the initial reaction sounds like:

"What have I gotten myself into-get me off this raft!"

If you haven't, you may be thinking,

"No way I am ever doing that!"

You may have a similar mindset at work that's keeping you from:

-Speaking effectively and giving presentations

-Asking for a raise or promotion that you deserve

-Contributing your ideas in a room full of colleagues and executives

-Leading and developing your team to its highest potential

-Functioning well in organizational change when your company decides to follow a new direction or vision

Fear is a gatekeeper to your mission and success.

It blocks your path, and you can't go around it.

You have to go THROUGH it.

Where does the fear come from? That's a great question to ask yourself and reflect upon. Experiences, beliefs, and results are the main offenders, but the biggest one is that one voice inside your head talking to you and putting fear in front of you. What should you do?


The only time fear is a valuable "tool" is when you are facing life threatening situations, like:

-you are about to be run over by a car

-you encounter an aggressive poisonous snake

-you see someone about to drink gasoline

You are programmed to respond to true danger with fear, BUT THEN YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

What can you do to eliminate the kind of fear that is just annoying and career-crippling? Here are 3 ways: