Angie In the Car Series: How To Avoid Feedback Overkill

Are you trying to build self-awareness, but find yourself confused and overwhelmed by the constant stream of sometimes conflicting information? One week you find out that you are showing up like a rockstar, then the next week- you are failing at some menial task that is blown out of proportion. Find out how to avoid feedback overkill in Angela Nuttle's In the Car Series Segment, HOW TO AVOID FEEDBACK OVERKILL.

Angela Nuttle is an Author, Speaker, Talent Remodeler™, and Consultant. She teaches business people how to show up with executive presence. She helps them to discover and develop their value so they can showcase their worth. She also works with CEOs, Business Leaders, and HR Teams to discover and develop people, potential, and processes in ways that increase productivity and profitability.

Angela is the CEO of the Corporate Talent Institute and The School of Executive Presence™, which are